Travel Bed

If you’re planning to travel using various forms of transportation, you might want a portable travel dog bed that will fold up into an especially compact space. Be sure the bed is clean and dry before letting it share space with the rest of your luggage. If you can find a small area in a suitcase or in the trunk of your vehicle, there’s sure to be a cozy spot for your Best Travel Dog Beds to hitch a ride.

This requires a bit of thought about how to keep your pet comfortable while on the move, as well as when you arrive at your destination. We have 3x 4 month old male Staffy puppies and they all love their new harnesses. does not intend to provide veterinary advice.

The dog cot is easy to fold, making it an excellent choice for easy transportation. The bed is also made with a metal frame that offers more of a durable bed for your dog, especially if you’re using this for an outdoor dog bed. You can find a size chart online to see which option works for the size of your dog and allow your dog to have maximum comfort for their size. Consider the size of your dog and make sure the bed is large enough for them to sleep comfortably in without any of their body parts touching the ground. If your pooch will be sleeping on a dog bed in their travel carrier, make sure the bed will easily fit inside. It comes with a drawstring design on the top, which will keep nervousness-prone dogs calm during your travels.

The portability of your doggie bed should match the type of travel you’re doing. If you’re taking a road trip and you have plenty of space in the car then portability won’t matter as much as it would if you were going backpacking. If space and weight are issues, a roll-up or folding dog travel bed will be much easier to travel with than an elevated cot option. Keep in mind the likely relationship between size and portability. Travel Bed is a compact and high-quality travel bed for a small and medium-sized dog.

The cot is lightweight and easy to back up when you need to get back on the road. It comes in two sizes, small and large, so no matter your dog’s size, it can easily sleep on this bed and hold at least 100 pounds. After a trip many of us throw all of our clothes right into the washing machine. It’ll make things much easier if you can do the same with your dog’s bed.

When you’re ready to store it in your hiking pack, it folds down to 12” x 4” and only weighs 12.7 ounces. Its synthetic insulation is lightweight but provides impressive warmth and protection from cold or hard surfaces. The shell is made of a water resistant, quick drying, durable polyester. After a night at a campsite you can easily shake off the bed and pack it away until you throw it in the washing machine when you get back home.


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