Thailands No 1 Delivery Service

With our professional returns management services, even your customers based outside of Thailand can enjoy effortless returns. However, returns handling is only available in selected markets. Once customs are cleared, parcels are loaded, transferred to our nearest local sorting facility and sorted to be delivered within the destination country.

The delivery time for shipping to Thailand depends on which service you opt for. For urgent shipments, you can select a priority service to deliver to Thailand in one to three days. However, if fast delivery is not needed, picking a standard service will send your package in five to fifteen days.

All you have to do is to schedule your parcels for pickup or proceed to drop them off. If you wish to enjoy real-time tracking, customs support, and global customer care service when shipping overseas then FedEx is a great option. And although pricey, its International Priority service lets you deliver บริษัทขนส่งอาหารสด parcels to Thailand in just 2 days.

It is now a requirement that all exporters sending freight outside of the E.U must have an EORI number if they are VAT registered. The importation of certain products into a country is restricted in order to protect the economy and safety of its citizens. The restrictions may be imposed by Customs or by any other agency which has regulatory authority.

The shipping time will be seven and four days, respectively. Our cheap courier usually needs an average of 3+ days to deliver goods between these countries. However, we would like to remind you that you can always choose express delivery. Then the time needed for delivery shortens even to a few hours. Fast shipment in the vast majority of cases is delivered to the recipient’s hands in 1-2 business days.

Shipping services worldwide subject packages to a wide array of abuse, and this is especially true for international shipping from Thailand. Marking your package fragile does little if anything in preventing rough handling. Thailand is an emerging economy that has had periods of rapid growth pushed forward by industry, their burgeoning finance sector and massive amounts of foreign investment. The automotive, electronics and agricultural sectors have contributed to this growth, but tourism is the sector that has gone from strength to strength. This is not surprising because this beautiful country, with its long and dramatic history, has so much to offer its visitors.

Our luggage transport service worldwide is equally valid for the delivery of parcels and any other cargo of merchandise for private individuals or companies. Finally, do not worry about any customs formalities, our specialists take care of you. Overall of the service, we keep you informed of the progress of your shipment in real time and until final receipt.

We take care of everything freight related allowing you to focus on what matters to you most, saving you time, trouble and money. Find our easy and convenient drop off locations within Bangkok area to collect your product and ship your package. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 12% VAT will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

For a list of insurance options when shipping through UPS, check out the insurance options they offer. Thailand Post offers insured shipping with tracking but it doesn’t cover much. And it’s hard to make a claim unless you purchase additional insurance.


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