Micropayment Definition

Those funds are on deposit with either the entity that sold or issued the prepaid calling card, or another intermediary. Because the risk of fraud is minimal and the risk of bad debt is virtually non-existent with prepaid calling cards, they offer the low per-transaction costs that are essential to conducting micropayment commerce. Another significant advantage of the invention is that the given micropayment transaction can be executed without the consumer even having physical possession of the prepaid calling card during execution of the micropayment transaction. Indeed, the issuer of the card need not even issue a physical card to the consumer. The issuer could send the card number and PIN to the consumer via e-mail, for example. For example, if the consumer has memorized the telephone access number and PIN, he/she can provide the data from his/her own memory to authorize/execute the 소액결제 현금화 사이트 transaction without producing the card.

Excerpt from an e-mail patent news subscription mass e-mailed to a distribution list from dated Sep. 17, 2001 regarding the invention and development of IT based business methods and patent prosecution. Cartio Micropayments owned by Net.Actuals, a system for paying small amouts of money to Internet websites worldwide. 19 h is a diagram of an illustrative webpage 197 accessible from the webpage 195 shown in FIG.

The company created a system that allowed users to build a “Wallet” where they could handle currencies, checks, credit cards, and CyberCoin. Before the decade was over, electronic terminals called, “EFTPOS” (meaning, for non-cash bank payments) were being used in the United States. Five short years later in 1984, email was being used by enterprises everywhere in the financial sector to communicate with customers. The transfer of money certainly has come a long way over the centuries. We originally relied on a barter system where we exchanged some type of goods that we had personally produced-for goods which someone else produced-that we wanted or needed. For example, a farmer could trade some of his crop of rice to obtain a type of livestock-like a cow.

Privacy, in regards to eCash, is the anonymity of the consumers who have made the payment. As with coins and paper notes, the payee should not be able to be linked or be traced during transactions. Privacy is important because consumers’ privacy should be protected from being monitored by financial surveillance. Anonymity, however, does present a number of concerns like counterfeiting, money laundering, and blackmailing in extreme circumstances.

In an illustrative embodiment of the invention, the main fields can be implemented as a button or other graphic user interface icon, with the sub-fields accessible from forms that pop-up after the consumer clicks on the main icon. However, other implementations may be suitable in different applications. 4 illustrates two types of transactions and consumers, it should be understood that the scope of the invention includes two or more types or classifications of transactions. Accordingly, the invention is not limited to the embodiment shown in FIG.

You receive less than the correct amount to which you were entitled, then we will credit your PayPal account for the difference between what you should have received and what you actually received. If we determine that there was an error, we will promptly credit the full amount into your account within 1 Business Day of our determination. Or, if you have already received a provisional credit, you will be allowed to retain those amounts. You must give us all the available information relating to circumstances of any Unauthorized Transactions, and/or misappropriated or unauthorized use of your account, and take all reasonable steps requested to assist PayPal in its investigation.


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