All About Reborn Baby Dolls

A reborn baby doll is an original hand made art doll made from a factory or a pre-made doll which has been fully transformed by an artist into a realistic looking baby doll with as much detail as possible. The technique of making a reborn doll is called reborning and the dolls artists are known as reborners. reborn dolls can be bought in almost any hobby store and most toy and doll manufacturers sell reborn dolls also. But you might want to try making your own reborn doll for the rich and famous. It’s easier than you think and the results are absolutely amazing.

reborn baby dolls have been around for years but it wasn’t until recently when they became popular with the creation of the television show “ixie”. In the show, the lead character (nicknamed “xi”) had many reborn babies lined up next to her in a long line. She then chose one out of the babies and held it over her head, telling everyone that this was her child. The rest of the babies looked at the “xi” and said that they didn’t know who she was, until one of the nurses let out a scream of laughter as the baby finally turned out to be the real “xi”.

I can remember sitting in my parents room watching this scene. At first I thought it was strange that a little girl would read aloud the newborns information to a room full of people, but my curiosity got the best of me. After I finished reading the collected autographs of the many “IXs” that my father had given to his loved ones, I pieced together the clues to figure out what these babies were. It turns out that the real “xi” was the grand daughter of one of my aunts. So basically the dolls were real people who had been born into another life, before our own.

reborn vinyl dolls are made from the most realistic baby skin tissue you can find. This is also why the price is so affordable. You can reborning a real baby doll for under $200! This price makes it practical to collect the dolls over the years and add to their value. I’ve added to the value of one of my Reborn baby dolls by carefully caring for the dolls, and by keeping them in good condition through the years.

The most amazing thing about the reborn dolls is the care that goes into making them. You see, there are actually artists in China who make them with real human skin using a 3D printer. This allows these artists to customize the skins to make them look as if they have real wrinkles and lines. After they print the material on the dolls’ skins, they place a UV protector base on them. Finally, they hand-push the blanks into molds, cut them out with wire, and hand-stitch them into the appropriate blanks. These artists have really gone out of there way to make your creation look as real and as lifelike as possible!

Now, this doesn’t mean that the reborn dolls are not made to look like dolls that look real, because they absolutely are! The artists who create these dolls are more than capable of capturing all of the subtle details of a real baby’s skin. You can get them in a number of different skin tones, which means that each doll will be as unique as the new little person that is inside. There are also several different options for head designs and hair styles as well, meaning that you’ll be able to personalize each newborn doll to your heart’s content. So, if you are looking for the perfect gift idea, or if you just want to make an impression on someone special, give the reborn baby dolls a try!


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